"Bodesa" is among the best Lithuanian business leaders

On the initiative of Verslo žinios, the ranking of "Lithuanian Business Leaders 500" (LVL 500) was presented for the fourth time, in which large companies of the country were rated based on their business growth, operational efficiency, employee benefits, transparency and contribution to the business community.

When ranking the companies, Verslo žinios singled out four groups of criteria, to which the indicators and their values ​​determined the final score and place in the LVL 500 rating. These four groups are: size (income, profit), efficiency (profitability, profit per employee), growth (annual change in income and profit) and social value (salaries, visibility). Taking all these criteria into account, in 2022, Bodesa ranked 370th in the list of Lithuanian Business Leaders 500 - one of the highest among flat glass cutting and processing.

This is the recognition of the Company as a Lithuanian business leader, which not only sustainably and profitably develops the largest business in Lithuania, but also responsibly shares its achievements with employees and society.

You can see the full list of "Lithuanian Business Leaders 500" here.

"Bodesa" and "Hegla" collaboration

UAB Bodesa purchased the latest Hegla ProLam 37 laminated glass cutting system in July 2021. There are only two of these devices in the world - one at the manufacturer and the other at UAB BODESA factory. ProLam 37 is one of the most innovative in the glass processing industry - the laminated glass is cut with the help of a laser, thus increasing process efficiency by up to 30%.