Technical Base

Production area of Bodesa UAB is 7000 m2.

The company has three production lines for glass units, which produce double-glazed or triple-glazed glass units. The maximum dimension of glass units is 3000x5000mm (15 m2), and the maximum thickness is 80 mm.

Different types of curved frames (aluminium, Chromatech, Swisspacer) are used in glass units. Glass units are also made with decorative inserts.

For the glazing of building facades, the company automatically produces structural (stepped-units, overlap) glass units. Different sizes of glass can be used in the same glass unit. The maximum size of the lower "step" is 100 mm.

Thanks to our current equipment, cutting and use of various safe - laminated glass (from 33.1 to 88.10) in the production of glass units is possible. The maximum size of the cut laminated glass is 3210x4600 mm.

With the help of our glass processing equipment, the edges of the glass are blunted, ground or polished (glass thickness from 3 to 19 mm). Available glass edge shape: trapezoid "FA" or semi-circular "PE" (on request only). Minimum dimensions - 100x250 mm, maximum - 2800x5000 mm.

In Bodesa UAB, transparent, tinted glass and panes with various multifunctional coatings are tempered. The purpose of tempering is to give the glass safety, greater impact resistance, and temperature differences. Clear, tinted 4-19 mm thick glass and 4-12 mm thick glass panes with coatings are tempered. The maximum size of tempered glass is 2800x4800 mm.

Bodesa UAB produces semi-tempered glass by applying the heat treatment process methods. This glass is 2 times stronger than annealed glass and is most commonly used in the manufacture of laminated glass since it is not a safe glass. When broken, it falls into large pieces. The company offers clear, tinted and coated glass with coating which thickness starts from 4-10 mm. The maximum size is 2800x4800 mm.

Tempered glass may be subjected to a heat soak test (HST). It is used in order to significantly reduce the risk of any spontaneous glass breakage. Thanks to this test, spontaneous breakage of tempered glass is reduced to minimum.

Holes of two types are drilled in the glass: plain and conical (glass thickness 3-19 mm). Possible cutting apertures in the glass include any standard apertures for doors and other fittings.