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Internal and external windowsills

Plastic (PVC) and laminated wood cuttings (MDP) internal windowsills

When buying new windows it’s inevitable to change the external side of windowsills. This should be done because properly built-in window sill will protect against external impacts of climate and ensure proper use and durability of the window. Sills colour can be applied to the window colour.

Windowsill example:
Windowsill colour: White Golden oak Swamp oak Rosewood Walnut tree
Colour code: --- 2178.001 2052.089 2065.021 2178.007

Plastic (PVC) internal windowsills

Plastic (PVC) internal windowsills preserve their form and are highly resistant to cold. Its superior insulating properties surpass wood, concrete or natural stone. They are also resistant to sunlight, mechanical damage, water and abrasion and severe burns and are easily cleaned with detergents. Plastic sills are recommended for premises where moisture tends to accumulate (laundry, bath).

Laminated chipboard (MDF) internal window

Laminated MDF sills are the most popular. It provides a choice of surface textures and colours. The windowsills are very practical, and their exploitation is very convenient. They are made of moisture-resistant chipboard. Both upper and lower sills are covered by 0.5 mm thick high pressure laminate cling film (HPL) or wood veneer of 1 mm. High-quality laminate cling is resistant to thermal, chemical and mechanical impact, that is why these sills do not fade, deform from the heat and humidity.


Galvanized tin and polyester covered external sills

Clients are offered two types of external sills:
- Galvanized tin external sills;
- Polyester covered (colourful*) tin external sills.
* - great choice of colours according to RAL palette.

External sills features:
- Sills are resistant to climate impact;
- Sills are shapely, strong and durable;
- Sills are resistant to rust and do not require special care, they do not require additional painting;
- Sills side detail does not allow rainwater to penetrate the wall.