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Window care

Each object requires some care. Here you can find some advices for window care that makes them last longer.

Window care advices:
- It is prohibited to block window while putting various stuff in between jamb and hinge. For such purpose use a special window setback (brake).
- Clean the glass using warm water or special detergent and cotton cloth. Do not use rough material; do not clean dry glass under any circumstances.
- Clean the frame with warm water or special cleaning jelly and cotton cloth. Do not use materials containing solvents, as well as sharp or rough materials.
- Regularly remove debris, dust or other dirt from the gaskets. It is recommended to lubricate gaskets with a special liquid during winter time.
- At least once a year clean and lubricate all moving window mechanism. Do not use materials containing resin and / or acid.
- 2-3 times a year adjust the degree of clamping the window as it is indicated in the window operation and maintenance manual.

At ‘‘Bodesa’s‘‘ Ltd. salons you can buy German window maintenance package, containing:
- special duster to clean the frame;
- a special cleansing milk for white frames;
- Grease for opening mechanism;
- pencil to lubricate gaskets.

Important: a properly operated and maintained window will serve you much longer and maintain its properties such as heat or wind insulation, tightness, etc.