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Vents and ventilation

Horizontal vents

"Duco Ton" and "Duco Plus" horizontal vents
This is a modern horizontal air vents of plastic windows which have good sound and heat-hit performance. These features are specifically stipulated by built in thermo gaskets. DuCoa Ton and DuCoa plus air vents are built in for all types of windows above the glass packet.

The benefit of ventilation systems
Ventilation systems help out to solve the main problem of plastic windows such as fogging. Moreover, ventilation systems help out to maintain healthy micro climate while fresh air comes from outside.

Ventilation systems’ advantages
The functions of bindings can be used for ventilation of premises: micro ventilation and gradual opening function, however in this case ventilation systems are much more effective because window remains secure when it’s closed while ventilated.

Advantages of auto ventilation systems comparing with ordinary vent:

- does not reduce sunlight tract coming in through it;
- ventilation process proceed 24 hours per day, even if windows are closed;
- unlike the conventional vents it does not ‘‘catch a chill‘‘ (it does not become frost bound);
- window does not loose tightness and remains insulated from sound and warmth;
- there is a possibility to regulate airflow.

Technical characteristic:

 Air leakage spare tract: 15000 mm2/m
 The quantity of air passing to 2Pa 50 m3/h/m
 Water tightness: 650 - 900 Pa
 Wind tightness: 650 - 900 Pa
 Rigidity and stability: up to 2000 Pa
Noise absorption when its open: 27dB

  • Horizontal vents
  • Horizontal vents
  • Horizontal vents

Vertical vents

Vertical vents also called conventional ones may sound like old fashioned stuff but it is far from it. It is secure, effective and reliable ventilation method for premises. Conventional vents have much better permeability of airflow and ensure effective ventilation; moreover they protect windows from fogging. Any air vent is permeable for outside air from 5 to 150 m3. Also, the arrangement of vertical air vent is more preeminent than horizontal vent because of particular physical movement of warm air flows.

The protective grates are assembled to vertical air vents which protects from rain as well as from insects. Screen can be assembled too.

The quantity of air passing to 2Pa: 5 - 150m3/h/m