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Hinge retainer

Hinge retainer
Additional hinge retainer may be used as a lock or additional protection from burglars and children. There are two types of retainer: locked and unlocked. It is suitable for all PVC profile windows, with inside or outside opening.

General information about hinge retainer:
- it is installed irrespective of bindings type;
- suitable for all PVC windows and doors systems;
- may be used with lock or without it;
- may be installed into outside or inside opening windows;
- May be brown, white or dark gold colour;
- installed on new or already used windows as an additional protection;
- Approved by Manufacturers Association of windows as an additional security tool.


Spheres of usage:
1. When fixing on the mid of hinge it is easy to open and close doors or windows from the inside;
2. When fixing on the bottom of hinge, the opening is blocked in convertible window. Possibility to convert window only (it is actual for children protection);
3. When fixing on outside of balcony’s door it is possible to use it not only as balcony’s door retainer but also as indraft handle.

Anti – burglar usage
Windows from PVC profiles are easy breakable; it is enough to push the hinge in couple millimetres that the hinge would drag. As an alternative these retainers can be used as anti-burglar bindings.

With these retainers it is possible to increase windows and doors resistance against burglar:
1. These retainers increases security. It is especially relevant in ground floors for burglar protection or at the top floors children protection.
2. Retainer is easy installed. It can be done by any person, not to mention professional assemblers.
3. The hinge may be closed after burglar using these retainers until full repair will be made and consequences removed.