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Sun control system

The main function of insulated glass units which control the sun is to adjust the light characteristics entering through the window. This is especially relevant for buildings with a facade of a major part of the glass. Using a variety of sun controlling insulated glass units makes it possible to adjust the light transmission (LT), the light reflectance (LR), solar factor (g).

LT - light transmission factor (which is transmitted into the room with the light ratio of incident light beam).
LR - Light reflection coefficient (which reflects the ratio of light to the outside of the incident light beam.
g - Sun protection factor (which is the total solar energy falling into the premises). This is amount of solar energy directly transferred and absorbed and reflected into premises.

Advantages and explanations:
• The higher (LT) the more natural light in premises will last longer and this will save: the costs for artificial lighting and health.
• The lower (g), the less solar energy will get into the premises, it will not overheat the room and save costs for space conditioning.
• Solar controlling insulated glass units allow not only save heat in winter, but also prevents excessive heat in summer, provides an opportunity to admire the view from the window without covering it with curtains or blinds and also avoid dazzling sun.

Sun controlling insulated glass units must have as low as possible solar factor (g), with the lower as possible heat transfer coefficient (U), the greater possible light transmission (LT).

The following table shows some possible double glazing sun control characteristics of insulated glass units.

Type of glazing Light transmittance coefficient,
LT (%)
(EN 410)
Heat transmittance coefficient,
U (W/(m2K))
(EN 673)
Sun factor, g (EN 410) Light reflectance coefficient LR e / LR i (%) (EN 410)
6mm Cool-Lite SKN 072-15 (argon) - 6mm Diamand 69 1.1 0.44 9 / 11
6mm Cool-Lite KN 169-15 (argon) - 6mm Planilux 61 1.2 0.44 16 / 11
Planibel Energy 4mm - 12 (argon) - 4mm Planibel Clear 71 1.2 0.42 -
Antelio Silver 6mm - 12 (air) - 6mm Planilux 61 2,8 0.59 35 / 33
Antelio Clear 6mm-12 (air) – 6mm Planilux 42 2,8 0.49 34 / 29
Antelio Silver 6mm - 12 (argon) - 6mm Planitherm futur 57 1.1 0.45 34 / 30
Antelio Emerald 6mm - 12 (argon) – 6mm Planitherm Futur 46 1.1 0.29 32 / 23
Antelio Bronze 6mm - 12 (argon) - 6mm Planitherm Futur 21 1.1 0.22 34 / 16
6mm Cool-Lite SS 108-12 (argon) - 6mm Planitherm Futur 7 1.1 0.09 42 / 34

LR e – describes the façade of "mirror effect", observing from the outside.
LR i – describes the "front mirror" effect of internal monitoring, the more noticeable at night.