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It is easy to notice, that modern buildings use more and more of glass (facades, partitions, doors and etc.), conventional stone or other walls diminish, so protection features of glass or insulted glass units become more important.

To ensure the safety of manufacturing insulted glass units these aims can be used:
- Laminated panes.
- Tempered panes.
- Armoured panes.

Laminated pane - these are two or more glass sheets combined with film (polyvinyl butyric - PVB) using a temperature and pressure. The bonded pane looks like conventional pane, but even broken piece it remains solid so the risk of injury from scarp glass is reduced.

Benefits of using laminated glass:
- In case of burglar into premises the usage of multi-layer laminated glass lets the pane to remain solid, so the police has enough time to react. There is no need to spend an additional installation of protective shutters or bars. Banks, shops and other buildings, windows or glass-cases may be protected using this kind of panes.
- Using a specially laminated glass which can send a signal of protection to the police (the inner layer of glass is fitted with electrically conductive wire that is connected to the alarm) or at the moment when glass splits or is smashed the cable is stripped off and the security alarm is dispatched to the police.
- Since the laminated glass remains solid even after splitting or smashing it reduces the risk of accidents. (Dramatically reduces the risk of injury from broken glass).
- The structure of specially laminated glass has a transparent bullet-proof partition which is even protected from Kalashnikov gun.

According to the EN standard, laminated glass are classified as resistant to: hits with hand (EN 356) and shots (EN 1063). In accordance with the requirements of the glass strength it must withstand the blows with a hammer or an ax, shots and explosions.

Tempered glass - a single sheet of glass which is toughened rapidly cooling the hot glass. This increases the strength of glass 5-6 times (much more resistant to thermal and physical loads). Most of glasses can be tempered. Normally glass is tempered in order to prevent it from being harmful to people when it is broken or smashed. When glass is shattered it crumbles into small pieces with no sharp edges. This type of glass should be used in premises where glass can be damaged due to the presence of human activity.

Armoured glass - the glass of which resistance is increased using the wire grid. Wire grid keeps the glass pieces in one place. This glass is used where good fire protection is necessary. This glass was designed to trap heat, toxic gases or fumes spreading through the window.