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Construction and renovation

’’Bodesa“ Ltd. construction department

We provide consultations to the Presidents of apartment communities for building renovation and repair work.

Multi-insulation for walls of blocks of flats we are using two popular ways - it is so called, or ventilated facades or render facades. Ventilated façades advantage is that the insulation work can be performed any time of year, this type of facade compared to the others, is more resistant to external influences.

Facade insulation, roof insulation, staircases repair, decoration of slot edges, windows and doors replace, balconies glazing, plumbing, heating system repairs.

General construction works
Engineering, monolithic, reinforced concrete structures pouring, installation, installation of metal structures, installation of wooden constructions, brick work, sheet, pitched roofing.

Interior decoration
Window and door blocks assembling, plastering work, tiling, hanging ceiling from drywall and decorative panels installation, painting, upholstery glue floor installation, electrical installation work.
The main Bodesa Ltd. activity of construction department is insulation and repair of blocks of flats and individual houses.

We can completely renovate your residential house starting at:
- Apartments, stairwells, basement window replacement;
- Balcony glazing and insulation, making them warm, sunny loggias;
- House wall insulation with preferred technologies;
- Roof insulation and roof replacement;
- We help you choose, provide information about the desired material;

What do you win by giving your accommodation to ''Bodesa" Ltd. construction department hands:
All you preferences of work carried out by one company. From the beginning to the end you will communicate with accredited supervisor who is in charge;
We give guarantees for all our works and provide all the materials used and product certificates;

The main point - we will ensure quality and high culture of work.

  • ’’Bodesa“ Ltd. construction department