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About us

Year 1996 -,,Bodesa“ Ltd. establishment and activity beginning.

Year 1998 - The Company already had enough orders to begin the development of glass production and marketing of plastic windows. The first workshop was in Siauliai, Beam Street, in premises of 80 m2 space and only with four employees.

Year 2000 - An increasing demand of customers’ orders pushed to purchase bigger premises for manufacturing (280 m2) and administration (70 m2), the first sales salon was opened at 15 Industrial Street.

Year 2002 - manufacturing premises increase up to 600 m2. Company bought premises in Kursenai and stored a sales salon.

Year 2006 – In March, one more sales salon opened in Siauliai, Dubija Street.

Year 2006 -,,Bodesa“ Ltd. manufactured again in new premises of, 2700 m2 space, at 116 J. Basanavicius Street in Siauliai. Bodesa“Ltd. invested 2, 5 million litas for purchase of new premises, reconstruction, well-being and facilities. Old equipment was removed and new one installed: two ‘’Lisec’’ glass packets collecting lines, computerised ‘’ HEGLA“glass cutting table which is fully automated, ‘’human factor’’ risks was reduced, employees control only the process of glass cutting. ALFAK“program is used in glass cutting table which cost 80 000 litas for the company. It can be said that mentioned complex, that glass cutting table with optimization program, glass packets collection lines (‘’LISEC’’ – leader in Europe treated as the most innovative) assures quality of products. Company invested about 2 millions litas purchasing all mechanisms and transport. Company meets all the requirements of quality indexes that are obligatory in Lithuania. At the moment company proceed process of management systems certification of installed quality (according to EN ISO 9001:2008), anti pollution (according to EN ISO 14001:2004) as well as employees safety and health (according to OHSAS 18001:2007) systems.

Year 2007 In July, manufacturing of modern balconies glazing system (in new premises), in November, ‘’Bodesa’s constructions’’ department with a specialization of renovation was established.

Year 2008
New, fully automated computerised system was purchased which controls ‘’LISEC’’ glass packets line. It cost 2,6 million litas, also new ‘’LISEC’’ glass packet manufacturing process optimization program was installed and purchased new, fully automated "Lisec" glass production line controlled by computer system, which cost 2.6 million litas. Installation of new as well as "Lisec“ production process optimization software, which cost 300 000 litas.

At present there are 70 employees working in the company.

"Bodesa" Ltd. goals


''Bodesa" Ltd. producing insulated glass units, aluminium - glass structures, performing windows, doors, aluminium - glass structure installation, construction services, aims to:
- Increase customers, partners and its own abilities effectively expand business.
- To ensure that the products and waste generated from production would have a minimal impact on the environment.
- To ensure proper workplace safety and health, fire safety.

- follow by introduced quality management, environmental protection, occupational safety and health management systems;
- Increase customers and employees confidence and loyalty to the Company;
- Achieve set process tasks, Company’s profitability and business development;
- Promote company's employees constantly improve quality management, environmental protection, occupational safety and health management systems.

Principles that we follow to achieve the goals:
- The Company's operating efficiency and effectiveness;
- Quality, Environmental protection, Health and Safety Management System utility;
- Staff professionalism, creativity, pro-activeness and responsibility;
- Quality - every group employee commitment and responsibility.

Company management commits to:
- Maintain and continually improve the quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 standards;
- Initiate continuous professional development of employees, to encourage and support initiative operating quality.
- Promote continuous improvement of safety and health performance.
- Establish adequate and safe working conditions for employees and ensure social security.
- To identify potential hazards, access and manage occupational risks for accidents and assure occupational disease prevention.
- Improve technology processes, through the introduction of advanced technologies working methods by creating new job positions and safe healthy working environment, adjusting working and protection tools, as well as ensuring economical raw materials and energy resources consumption.
- Systematically educate and train employees, promote their awareness of and responsibility for employees health and safety as well as clean environment.
- Anticipate and allocate resources necessary for quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health management systems maintenance and continuous improvement.
- Comply with environmental protection, occupational safety and health activities of the Company and other legislation and obligations;
- Working in partnership with our customers of the product as well as suppliers and subcontractors in order to reduce the material intensity of products;
- Increase the volume of products and services that have a positive impact on energy resources for heat producing, saving.
- Reduce air and water pollution, waste generation, conserve natural resources.

“Bodesa” Ltd. director Rolandas Gabrielaitis