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Guarantee and Service

Guarantee provided
3-year guarantee is provided for paned balconies.

Operating Instructions
Marginal fixed glass (with a handle at the bottom), is opened to interior when upper and lower locks are unlocked. The top lock is unlocked by pulling down the string (this is child lock), the lower lock is unlocked by lifting the handle on top. Second window is moved to the first ones location to its support and also opened. all windows are opened in a row. Closing follows in a reverse order. The windows must be opened and moved slowly, without whopping or using force. If windows stuck, are hardly movable or stringing, technical support must be called by numbers given. If glass breaks – call technical support. Movable glasses must be cleaned only at open position. Balustrade stationary glasses can be cleaned only with special windows cleaner with extended handle. it is forbidden to clean balustrade glasses leaning over balustrade armrest.