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"Duco Ton" and „Duco Plus" horizontal vents
These modern horizontal vents are characterised as having good sound and heat insulating feature. These features are determined by specially assembled thermo gaskets. "Duco Ton" ir "Duco Plus" vents are assembled to all types of constructions above the glass packet.

Ventilation systems benefits
Ventilation systems help to sort out the main window problem – condensation. As well it helps to keep healthy micro-climate in premises by letting fresh air to get inside.

Ventilation systems advantages
Premises can be ventilated by using bindings’ functions: micro-ventilation and gradual hinging function. Auto ventilation systems’ advantages compared with conventional vent:
- Does not reduce the tract of light falling inside area;
- Ventilation takes place 24 hours a day, even with closed windows;
- In contrast to conventional vents it does not ''get cold“(no coldness bridge);
- The window does not lose tightness- an excellent sound and thermal insulation remains;
- Possibility to regulate the flow of air flows.

Technical characteristics:

Air flow free tract: 15000 mm2/m
 The quantity of air passing to 2Pa 50 m3/h/m
 Water tightness: 650 - 900 Pa
 Wind tightness: 650 - 900 Pa
 Stiffness and strength: up to 2000 Pa
Sound absorption when opened: 27dB