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Aluminium constructions systems

“SDD-2” type smoke-tight door

“SDD-2” type smoke-tight door. Two-leaved. Maximum measurements  2400 x 2400 mm.
Classification: Sₐ-C5, Sm-C5. Made using Ponzio NT50 system  of 52 mm width  aluminium profiles. In the active and passive leaves, there are mounted automatically landing doorsills  “FPB120 Domatic“, installed on 3 units of “FAPIM PE6077“ type hinges. The structure of leaves is glazed with the tempered glass of 6 mm thickness.

“SDD-2” type smoke-tight door
Facade system of aluminium constructions

Facade system of aluminium constructions is designed for manufacturing various structural aluminium – glass facades, monitor tops and also glass-cases works. The systems of this line are classed together with RMG 1.0 material group. System is made from aluminium profiles with thermal insulation gaskets and decorative cracks. System can be combined with NT150 system which allows building straight, arched or shifting corner walls.

Facade system Ponzio NT152
Facade structural glazing system

Facade of a structural glazing system is the aluminium column - joist system designed to produce structural glazing partition walls, is grouped to substances classified as RMG 1.0. In the construction of this system aluminium profiles (columns and joists) are used with a constructional width of 52 mm. Also in this system different glazing sheets may be attached either structurally glued or mechanically fastened. All of these methods give an individual looking for every partition.

Facade structural glazing system Ponzio NT152SG
Warm glass-cases, doors aluminium profile systems

Warm glass-cases, doors aluminium profile systems are designed for outdoor partitions and doors manufacturing. Profiles of these systems are calculated for glazing insulted glass units, but also filled airtight. Economical metal yield in profile cross-section significantly reduces profile cost. Different nodes, connections and atop-slot system are comfortable for manufacturing of difficult partitions configurations.

Warm glass-case, doors aluminium system NT60 PT
Warm glass-case, doors aluminium system NT68 PT
Warm glass-case, doors aluminium system PE78
Cold single-chamber of aluminium profile system

Cold single-chamber of aluminium profile system without thermal insulation (heating). This system is designed for indoor constructions of premises: for light weight partition walls, corridors, glass-cases or internal partitions, as well as swing or sliding doors (operated manually or automatically) to either one or other side swinging doors manufacturing. Aluminium profiles constructional depth is of 40 mm. The system is easily connected to other Ponzi systems.

Cold single chamber system NT40
Cold single chamber system NT50
Sliding aluminium system

Sliding aluminium construction system is sliding interior and exterior partitions and doors. They are made from "cold" single-chamber aluminium profile, without thermal gasket or "hot" two-chamber aluminium profile, with thermal insulating gasket. It is suitable for various indoor or outdoor sliding partitions, doors, and balconies, loggias glazing.

Sliding aluminium system Sliding 600
Sliding aluminium system sliding 900TT
Sliding aluminium system Sliding 1200TT