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Glass (pane) fillings

Bodesa Ltd. produces insulated glass units using Guardian, Euroglas, Sain Gobain and other global manufacturers' glass. Our insulated glass units are marked by CE symbol and comply with all European Union quality standards.
The aesthetics of the building, but, more importantly, its functional properties - solar energy, heat and sound conductivity, fire resistance, security depend on glass filler features.

Thermal insulation
Modern technologies allow covering conventional pane surface with metal oxides layer that is why pane has a better Thermal insulation and remains clear. Oxides coverage reflects from 40% to 70% of heat, which conventional glass would conduct to the outside.

The good Thermal insulation properties of glass or glass packet are essential not only to preserve heat in the room, but also to protect from heat.

Solar control
The main function of insulated glass units which controls sun is to regulate the light characteristics coming into premises through it. It is essential for buildings that are made from glass mostly.

Using a variety of sun control insulated glass units there is a possibility to adjust the light transmission, light reflectance, solar factor.

The higher light transmission is, the more natural light in premises will last longer and will save electricity. The lower the sun protection factor is, the less solar energy will get inside of premises - a room will not get warm, expenses for premises conditioning will be reduced.

Sun controlling glazed insulated glass units allow not only saving heat in winter, but also preventing from excessive heat in summer, provides an opportunity to admire the view from the window without covering it with curtains or blinds to avoid dazzling sunlight. Sun controlling glazed insulated glass units must have as low as possible sun factors, as well as the lower as possible heat transfer coefficient, and the greater as possible light transmission.

Sound insulation
In order to avoid or minimize adverse effect of noise it is necessary to choose insulated glass units that achieve good sound insulation. Insulated glass units with a good sound insulation is particularly relevant where there is an increased noise level - next to a busy street, near the airport, railway, concert squares and so on.

Good sound insulation will be provided if:
- Insulated glass units have thicker panes - 6, 8, 10 mm;
- The panes will be of different thickness;
- The distance between the panes is greater;
- Specifically laminated panes will be used.

Security. It is easy to notice that modern buildings use more glass (facades, partitions, doors, etc..), simple brick or other walls remain less important and therefore inevitably glass or insulated glass units becomes very important because of its security features.
To ensure the safety insulated glass units are manufactured of laminated, tempered or wired glass.

Laminated glass is two or more glass sheets combined together. The bonded glass looks like ordinary glass. Its advantages are: when hacking into the premises the glass remains solid, there is no need to spend an additional installation of blinds and bars; special laminated glass structure has a transparent bullet-proof glass partition.

Tempered glass - single sheet of glass which is toughened rapidly cooling the hot glass. This increases the strength of glass from 5 to 6 times. Broken tempered glass e shatters into many small pieces which edges are not sharp. This glass is used in premises where glass can be damaged due to the presence of human activities.

Resistance of armoured glass is increased using wire net. This glass was designed in order to hold fire, toxic gases or fumes spread through the window.