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Facade aluminium constructions

Aluminium construction facades

''Bodesa" Ltd. designed and constructed aluminium profile systems for a low-rise multi-storey building facades meet all the requirements of modern architecture. Experienced professionals will select the appropriate aluminium profiles, connections and sealing gaskets, fillers for the facade frames. Facades made of aluminium are durable, practical, colorful, individual and unique solutions that allow standing out from other buildings.

Aliuminium construction glass-cases

The modern marketplace nowadays is inconceivable without aesthetic glass-cases of modern design. Bodesa Ltd. designs and produces contemporary interior eligible glass-cases of aluminium profiles. Glass, plastic, wood is used to manufacture glass-cases.

''Bodesa’’ Ltd. glass-cases are characterised as durable, abrasion resistance, and excellent performance of their functions in commercial areas with high customer traffic.

You need substandard glass-cases sizes? Bodesa Ltd. is at your service.